Business Process Re-engineering

About the Client

Major Player in Garment industry was looking for its business process re-engineering in garment sectors. For this client engaged Wazir, to redesign its business systems, retooling its business workflow, reorchestrate i.e., synchronize its business working methods by radical change in approach.

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding business process reengineering for its business progress,

Project Objectives

Core objectives of the Sourcing Strategy study was to cover-up the following aspects:

  1. Customer satisfaction – Business will be mainly focus on customer needs which will achieve customer satisfaction.
  2. Reduction of lead time – Business process will be changed and developed for lesser lead times to respond customer quickly.
  3. Fulfilling customer in competitive price – Cutting unnecessary cost by removing non value added activities from process, wastages in process, high utilization of all resources by reengineering the conventional process.
  4. Agile manufacturing capabilities – By radical change in conventional process agility which is nothing but sharp flexibility will be developed by streamlining all processes.
  5. Performance with no compromise – By reengineering conventional process quality will be achieved at the point of source only, which will also lowers the cost of quality.
  6. Continuous improvement – A work culture will be developed in organization for immediate acceptance to new concepts which will be reduce wastages to zero level.
  7. Efficiency improvement – By streamlining all the activities higher efficiency will be achieved which will throughout all unnecessary wastages.
  8. Happy workforce – Employees will feel more confident and happy by working through business process reengineering as the bigger goals will be given in number of stages by changing bigger goals to multiple smaller goals, also with zero errors.
  1. We delivered the reengineered business process report covering the stated objectives.
  2. EBITDA is increased by 100% ( Doubled)in the span of One year implementation
  3. Over all Operational Expenditure is reduced by 20%
  4. Cost per Garment produced is reduced by 40%
  5. Number of Minutes Produced / Operators is increased by 30%
  6. Customer Satisfaction at utmost level , Which leads business growth
  7. We submitted a business process reengineeringstudy report covering:
    • Critical path management – working on longest path for achieving production on time, also with overlapping multiple activities.
    • Cost matrix – Cost analysis to cut unnecessary cost by removing non value added activities in process.
    • Quick changeover – Streamlining all activities, providing training to cut down all losses in changeovers.
    • Quality at source – Controlling quality at source to achieve right first time.
    • Continuous improvement – Improving work culture by conducting training, visual indication to move factory on one goal.
    • Improvement in efficiency – streamlining all the processes in organization, factory will focus mainly on efficiency improvement.
    • GPTP (Great place to perform) – making organization a dream organization for employees to work for with all honesty, Dedication and happiness.
    • Suitable MIS reports for better performance review in plant level, Group level