Concept of Quality at Source

About the Client

Quality at the Source (QatS) is one of the lean building blocks of Lean Manufacturing Concepts which defines that quality output is not only measured at the end of the production line but at every step of the productive process.Quality at the source is an approach to quality that places the responsibility for catching errors at the point of build.For this, clientengagedWazir to conduct the successful implementation of this lean tool.

Core objective of the study was to make the cultural shift within an operation’s workforce to embrace quality at the source for which the following points need to be considered:

Project Objectives

Core objectives of the study was to specify strategic requirements that the operating model must support covering the following design principles:

  1. Employee understanding of who the customer is and their requirement.
  2. Internal quality audits -Employee and team awareness of quality standards and benchmarks.
  3. Employee understanding of the customer’s intended use of the product or service.
  4. Multi-skilled workforce which can provide support and help in different process steps.
  5. Required tools and technology to identify quality flaws and rectify them in an efficient manner.
  6. Proper data collection and tracking of quality faults.
  7. Open communication of standards, performance and processes.
  8. In Short Wazir’s Quality at Source is composed of five key factors: Standardized Work; Self-Checks; Successive Checks; Visual Management and Mistake Proofing and Continuous Improvement.
  1. Team Wazir delivered the above stated objectivesthat helped ingetting the following advantages:
  2. We submitted a Business performance enhancementstudy report covering:
    • Better informed employees
    • Cultural awareness of the importance of quality to the customer
    • Reduction in rework expenses, DHU%
    • Reduction in Value waste, Rejected Garments,Fabric,
    • The empowerment of employees in achieving the desired quality standard
  3. In this Concept of Quality at Source, we have made the Organizations believe that Quality is everyone’s job.