Customers Social and Technical Compliance

About the Client

Major player in Garment industry was looking for implementing audit checklist for social and technical compliance factory to make its manufacturing premises world class. For this client engaged Wazir, for which Wazir has done point by point analysis for deriving social ans well as technical compliance.

Project Objectives

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding social and technical compliances,

  1. Social Compliance –
    • Forced labour, debt bondages, slavery, human trafficking etc
    • Pay structure and payroll period
    • Factory policies and structures, and employee environment.
    • Dormitories, Health and safety measures etc.
    • Maintenance, electrical safety, chemical storage etc.
  2. Technical Compliance –
    • System analysis and development
    • Workstation analysis and modifications as per ergonomics and job allocation as per product length being produced.
    • Calibration report for all the equipments to achieve precision results.
    • Report traceability – all important reports with its traceability plays very important role.
    • Technical Reports like pre-Production activities FPT, GPT, Do ability, Size Set, PPM, etc..
    • Quality Performance report like Fabric test reports, DHU %, Shipment Audit Report, etc..
  1. We delivered the Social and technical compliance report covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a compliance audit report for factory covering:
    • Social compliance report – covering all the points like labor welfares, payroll structures, employees working environment, factory policies and structures, layouts, health and safety facilities etc.
    • Technical compliance audit – Covering all the points like present system analysis and developments, workstation analysis, calibration of all the equipments, report traceability of past records.