Supply Chain Optimization

About the Client

Major player in Garment industry was looking for supply chain optimization in their organization to streamline its lead time. For this, clientengagedWazir to advise for streamlining the losses in supply chain like sustainability and the status of supply chain management, inventory control, demand and supply ratio, quick response to changeovers, sourcing in quick time in reasonable rates etc.

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding supply chain optimization techniques,

Project Objectives

Core objectives of the Sourcing Strategy study was to cover-up the following aspects:

  1. Sourcing Methodologies – Local vendors and partnership with local vendors, in timedelivery of raw materials.
  2. Distribution channel – Lesser lead times is the key of success for distribution channels.
  3. Market concentration – market to be analyzed for its need and lead time reduction requirements.
  4. Sourcing and production techniques – Supply chain experts should source the products from the vendors who will provide them in on time shipments and in competitive price.
  5. Social and compliant manufacturers – manufacturers should follow proper social and compliance process.
  1. We delivered the manufacturing supply chain optimizationreport covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a supply chain optimizationstudy report covering:
    • Sourcing Methodologies – Possible in-house material manufacturing, vendor analysis.
    • Distribution Channel – Logistic control and efficiency.
    • Market Concentration – Market demand and supply trend analysis.
    • Sourcing and production techniques – Local vendor’s tie-ups, Partnering with local vendors etc.
    • Social and compliant manufacturers – Following social and compliance checklist to get highly safe and improving work condition environment.