Visual Factory

About the Client

Factory Visuals are very important in improving factory presentations to any Customers. Also in view of getting a World Class Factory set up , Factory visuals plays a major role. So Customers are insisting their vendors to become total visual factory. MajorPlayer in Garment industry was looking for implementing visuals in factory to make its manufacturing premises world class. For this client engaged Wazir, to promot as a workplace where all associates understand and manage their own work in a safe, clean, organized environment that fosters open communication, pride, and continuous improvement.

Project Objectives

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding building a road map toward visual factory,

  1. Making everyone’s jobs easy by implementing visuals factory.
  2. Visuals helps in getting a clear focus on a common goals of all levels of Supply Chain
  3. Give all associates a high degree of ownership in their work, and pride in their workplace by visualizing their achievements.
  4. Increase communication by making information easier to understand in terms of Shades, Shapes, Sign marks ,etc..
  5. Improve company overall success by targeting a common goal
  6. Make work decisions based on what we see
  7. Make customer satisfaction visible
  8. In the visual workplace, anyone will easily know the:who, what, when, where, why, and how of an area within5 minutes.
  1. We delivered the visual factory enhancementreport covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a visual factory study report covering:
    • 5S – Which deals with mainly with factory visuals.
    • Color coding – color coding is main platform to make factory look systematic.
    • PPE’s – Personnel protective equipments also adds value for visual indicators.
    • Visual results – factory should represents their progress or losses in visual way to understand present status of factory visually and very easily.
    • Plant Performances is visualized top to bottom of supply chain management.