Business Performance Enhancement

About the Client

Major Player in Garment industry was looking for its growth in business performance in overall. for this client engaged Wazir, which then look after various aspects such as Improvement of productivity and efficiency, material utilization, quality enhancement, And also to target zero losses in pre-production activities. By implementing various lean tools, total quality management, SOP’s and visuals controls in factory.

Project Objectives

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding business performance enhancements,

  1. Productivity and efficiency improvement – Any business economic condition can be well analyzed by its productivity and efficiency achieved.
  2. Material utilization and quality enhancements – Raw materials full utilization and zero or less quality rejection will lead to maximum output and hence maximum productivity.
  3. Losses in Pre-production activities – By ensuring all activities of Preproduction on time there will be no losses in production start up.
  4. Various Lean tool – Various lean tool such as SMED, 5S, JIT, Jidokaetc to remove wastages in production process.
  5. Total quality management – Manufacturing facility should developed with Total quality management systems to ensure RFT concept so that there will be less or zero losses.
  6. SOP’s & Visual Controls – SOP’s and visual controls will add the values to manufacturing facility in term of system driven organizations and World class culture.
  7. Friendly and performance driven environment – Working environment in manufacturing facility should be more friendly and performance driven to achieve employees satisfaction and growth.
  1. We delivered the Business performance enhancement report covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a Business performance enhancementstudy report covering:
    • Changeover Minutes Loss – Losses has been identified by calculating changeover loss minutes.
    • Quality at source report – Quality at source has been achieved by various module to achieve Right first time.
    • Employees training and review report – By giving training reviewing to employees, motivation has been given to them.
    • Weekly audit report – Weekly audit report has been planned to review visual controls and SOP’s for system developments.
    • Management Information System , Which analysis business performance in financials , Delivery , Customer stratification