Product Mix Identification

About the Client

In today’s fast moving fashion world, identification of best possible product mix is aMajor task to get maximum return of investment. Also Product Mix identification and Optimisation to be taken place in time to time based on the market demand. A well-knownplayer in Garment industry was looking for its product mix identification to analysis its skill level andalso to provide its customer maximum product mix with better profitability. For this client engaged Wazir, to work upon product mix identification of factory as per theirskill level available for that Wazir has gone through various aspects such as skill level availability, machinery availability, customer demand, outsourcing availability, profitability, raw material availability etc.

Project Objectives

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding product mix identification to maximum fulfillment of its customer along with more profit value,

  1. Skill level availability – To decide product mix range of any industry one must know the available skill with factory to produce a particular product with ease so that there will not be any issue for achieving efficient production of the same.
  2. Machinery availability – To decide product mix factory must know all the required machinery and spares availability with factory.
  3. Customer demand – Product mix generally have to derived based on the customer demand, as producing a product without customer demand will lead organization into a big loss.
  4. Outsourcing availability – While deciding product mix, it is not necessary to have all facility in-house, but the facility which factory is not having that should available in nearby areas so that factory can make its production on go.
  5. Profitability – Product mix identification mainly driven with how much profit will be generated by doing a particular product. so factory generally prefers to the product from which they will get more and more profit to run their business more profitably.
  6. Raw material availability – It is last but not least parameter, as if factory was achieved everything mentioned above but if raw material availability is not there nearby area it will be a big loss to the factory production.
  1. We delivered the product mix identification report covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a product mix identificationstudy report covering:
    • Skill level availability report – Skill matrix, product operation and factory performance report.
    • Machinery availability report – Machinery requirement list as per different style range.
    • Customer demand – Interest of customer in the particular demographic area.
    • Outsourcing availability report – styles requirement report, vendor’s analysis report as per outsourcing.
    • Raw material availability report – Raw material availability as per styles requirements.