Business Alliances/Alliances Strategy Development

Strategy and Assistance in Setting up Desktops ATMs Across India

About the client

A leading payment services company in India was looking to deploy a new type of ATM (Desktop ATM), which are much smaller in size, across the country.

Project Objectives

The project objective was to help the client in developing a strategy and provide assistance in setting up 1,000 Desktop ATMs across India. Strategic questions included:

  1. What should be the operating model to make it commercially viable?
  2. What should be the commercial and partnership model for potential partners?
  3. What should be the evaluation matrix for selecting deployment locations and partners?
  1. Conducted a detailed market mapping exercise covering consumers and trade partners. This included:
    • Consumer Research – perceptions, beliefs, usage patterns, pain points, unmet needs and expectations from “money withdrawal” and “non cash transactions”, with a primary focus on ATMs
    • Trade research to understand:
      • Expectations of potential partners
      • Offering and model of companies requiring small spaces
      • Working model and expectation of intermediaries
  2. Devised the deployment strategy for the Desktop ATMs covering:
    • Product positioning & USP, key success factors
    • Deployment / operating model to make it commercially viable
    • Location / placement strategy and franchising /partnership strategy
    • Branding, promotion, consumer awareness and engagement strategy
  3. Helped develop a “go to market” kit, to be used as a guideline for approaching and negotiating with the potential partners. This included:
    • Business proposal to the partners/ franchisees
    • Expectations from the partners and company support
    • Expense details and minimum requirements
    • Standard contract terms
  4. Identified cities, locations and short listing of potential partners
    • Along with the client, decided the cities wherein the Desktop ATMs will be deployed
    • Identified potential locations and probable business partners/ franchisees, based on the strategy defined for desktop ATM’s, and as per the Evaluation Matrix
  5. Facilitated meetings, negotiations and finalization of deals
    • Approached selected potential partners to gauge their prima facie interest in the proposal and accordingly, scheduled meetings with the sales team
    • Also worked to facilitate negotiations and finally close the deal