Market/Location/Product Feasibility

New Product Launch Strategy in the Premium Bottled Water Segment

About the client

A large real estate conglomerate with diversified business interest in India and abroad wanted to enter the premium enriched bottled water market in India, by launching a new brand in the country.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to conduct a feasibility study for the proposed product segment, answering the following key strategic questions:

  1. What is the market opportunity for premium bottled water in India?
  2. What should be the unique theme/USP for the new brand?
  3. Who will be the target customers?
  4. What should be product-price mix?
  5. What should be the roll-out plan- possible channels (Direct to customer, Institutional-hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc.), target cities, etc.?
  1. Provided detailed analysis of the bottled water market in India:
    • Market Mapping – size, segmentation of bottled market: Premium, Masstige, and mass, major competitors in each segment, opportunity, etc.
    • Competitor mapping in terms of – product & price offerings, POS, target customers, business model, performance, trade terms, supply chain etc.
  2. Formulated business strategy:
    • Target customers for each segment and their profile
    • Product-Price mix
    • Store formats, locations and target cities
    • Suppliers and procurement model
    • Roll out and expansion plan
  3. Developed a 5 year business and financial plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and working capital requirements.

Location Identification for Set up of 1,000 ATM Across India

About the client

A leading payment services company in India, wanted to deploy 1000 ATMs for a private bank across India.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to identify locations for 1000 ATMs across India and assist client in deploying them, answering the following key strategic questions:

  1. Which will be the target cities and locations- clusters like residential area, market places (malls, high streets & neighborhood markets), commercial & educational centers?
  2. What type of retail formats (large format v/s smaller, premium products v/s affordable, high ticket v/s small ticket) are better suited for housing an ATM?
  3. Which retailers have the right formats, are present in the target cities and are located in the identified locations? So as to decide which retailer should be approached for which cities and locations therein?
  1. Provided list of target cities and locations:
    • A detailed master list of target cities and locations was prepared based on pre-defined parameters like- population of the city, GDP, growth, organized retail scenario, etc.
    • Master list of potential retailers, owners and/or managers of residential and commercial properties was prepared which was further filtered down to key potential partners for each city.
  2. “Go-to-market” kit: includes detailed business case and standard contracts for client’s sales team and used as a guideline for approaching and negotiating with the potential partners. It includes
    • Client background
    • Business proposal to the partners/ franchisees including monetary payouts/ gains to them and their ROI calculation
    • Expectations from the partners- Monetary and Non-monetary
    • The minimum infrastructure required and expense details
    • Security requirements and responsibilities/ liabilities
    • Standard contract terms between company and the partner/ franchisee