Business Alliances / Alliances Strategy Development

Developing the Concept for a Handloom/ Handicraft Retail Store and Assistance in Identification & Finalization of Operator

About the Client

The client, a public sector undertaking, wanted to develop a modern retail store for promotion of handloom products in New Delhi.

Project Objectives

The core objective included:

  1. Study the design and concept of modern retail outlets selling handloom, handicraft, cottage industries and traditional products successfully across the country to conceptualize the store for the client.
  2. Develop the Business Model and work out the store economics for it to be a profit making entity including Operator Identification, Evaluation & Selection.
  1. Developed a conceptual framework for developing a retail store based on key elements like overall positioning of the retail development, target customers, type of concessionaires and vendors, type of product categories to be stocked, customer engagement activities, etc.
  2. Facilitated the store design through hiring a third party agency to execute retail store architecture and design as per the defined concept.
  3. Created a long list of potential operators and conducted detailed evaluation. Facilitated the negotiations between the client and the Operators and drafted the operator contract.

Developing a Portfolio of International Brands for an Online Marketplace

About the Client

A leading fashion & lifestyle e-retailer focused on apparel, footwear and accessories segments wanted to develop a portfolio of international brands for exclusive availability through its website.

Project Objectives

The core objective was to help the e-retailer develop a portfolio of international brands for exclusive availability through its website. Key questions to be answered included:

  1. Which are the target brands that fit in with the company’s target consumer segments, business strategy and future plans?
  2. What will be the proposition for each potential brand and the long terms contractual terms?
  1. Developed a strategy for identifying and listing possible brands based on:
    • Brands that are already present in India but not online
    • Brands that are significant but are yet not in India
    • Brands who aren’t so significant even in their own country and are neither present in India nor have the wherewithal to enter on their own
  2. Developed a customized proposition for each potential brand
  3. Approached each shortlisted brand with the proposal and checked out their prima facie interest
  4. Initiated dialogue with positively interested brands and facilitated negotiations and signing of agreement
  5. Assisted in drafting the long term contractual terms with these brands, spanning from pure wholesale buying and selling to licensing of the brand for India