Cross Border Alliances Facilitation

International Partner Search for Developing a Designer Outlet Mall

About the Client

A Mumbai based real estate firm, wanted to convert its 1million sq. ft. shopping mall into a designer outlet mall, subsequently looking for a suitable International partner.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to devise a plan to convert a shopping mall into a ‘designer outlet mall’ and subsequently assist in finding an international partner, answering the following key strategic questions:

  1. What should be the concept and positioning of the mall?
  2. What should be the product and brand mix?
  3. What should be the operating model?
  4. Who should be the potential partners? What should be the evaluation criteria?
  1. Provided current market scenario of Designer Outlet Malls in India and potential of such mall in proposed location:
    • Market scenario – existing players, location strategy, brands stocked, sourcing strategy, etc.
    • Location analysis – catchment analysis, nearby developments which are potential competitors, target consumers, etc.
  2. A detailed profile of potential International partners was provided covering –
    • Company profile: promoters, revenue, future plans, areas of expertise, etc.
    • Mall Profile: Location strategy, No. of outlets, Size and format of stores/ mall, brands stocked, discounts offered, spsf, etc.
  3. Based on evaluation matrix, few of them were shortlisted and prioritised. It was followed by contacting higher officials of these companies to propose the business opportunity.
  4. Interested companies were briefed about the proposal- business opportunity in India, growth rate, mall location, nearby developments, investments, etc. Meetings were scheduled with the client’s management team and further negotiations were discussed.

Partner Search and Alliance Facilitation for an International Music and Entertainment Retail Chain

About the Client

A leading international music and entertainment retailing chain, with stores in France, Greece, Australia and the Middle East wanted to expand its reach and was considering India as one of the possible locations for launching a network of stores.

Project Objectives

The project objective was to help the client in identifying, evaluating and selecting the right partner in India. Previously, we had developed an India entry strategy and business plan for the brand. Key aspects involved:

  1. Criteria for identifying and evaluating potential partners
  2. Negotiations and finalization of terms of partnership
  1. Identifying, shortlisting and approaching the most suitable Indian companies for partnership
  2. Prepared a long list of potential companies
  3. Developed detailed profiles and performed a SWOT analysis of each selected company
  4. Created a short list of companies, basis specific criteria and evaluation parameters as developed in discussions with the client
  5. Approached and solicited their interest
  6. Shared brand teaser with potential partners
  7. Addressed follow-up queries
  8. Facilitated meetings, negotiations and finalization of terms concluding with the signing of the license agreement