India Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy for an International Music and Entertainment Retail Chain

About the Client

A leading international music and entertainment retailing chain, with stores in France, Greece, Australia and the Middle East wanted to expand its reach and was considering India as one of the possible locations for launching a network of stores.

Project Objectives

The project objective was to develop a market entry strategy and business plan to launch the client’s retail stores in India. Key strategic questions included:

  1. What is the existing and potential opportunity in the relevant categories?
  2. What should be the entry strategy to capture a fair share of this opportunity?
  3. What will be the investment, revenue projections, expenses and profitability?
  1. Assessment of the Indian music and entertainment retail market to arrive at a broad-based business model:
    • Industry overview – structure, size, forecast, segmentation, etc.
    • Competitor analysis – business models, product price mix, target consumers, geographical presence, brand attributes and promotional methods
    • Store Level P&L – store size, product categories, margins, operating expenses, etc.
    • Consumer – Profile, shopping behavior, spending patterns, market gaps, purchase drivers, etc.
  2. Formulated India entry and operating model strategy:
    • Key value proposition and Target consumers
    • Product price mix and store formats
    • Roll out and expansion plan
    • Operating model (JV / Franchisee / Brand Licensing)
  3. Developed a business plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and expected profitability