Marketing And Distribution Strategy

Pan India Distribution Strategy for International Premium Brands

About the Client

A holding company for international premium underwear and jeans brands in India wanted to expand its distribution in India through a network of distributors.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to develop pan-India strategy and business plan for wholesale distribution of 2 premium brands, answering the following key strategic questions:

  1. What should be the MBO strategy for its super-premium brands?
  2. What should be the product-price mix for these MBOs? Will it be similar to that of EBOs or not?
  3. How many such MBOs can be targeted in different cities and how many cities should be targeted in next 5 years’ time?
  1. Provided detailed analysis of premium, super premium and luxury retailing in India:
    • Industry overview: current market size and growth rate, key markets for retailing, presence of key brands, consumer segmentation, etc.
    • Mapping major competitors – business models, price positioning, product offering, market penetration & business performance
  2. Formulated business strategy:
    • Target consumers and share of such consumers in India
    • Most optimal Product mix – for various city types
    • Target cities for expansion, number and format of stores, pace of roll out, etc.
    • Operating model and Target retailers in proposed cities for distribution of brand’s products
  3. Developed a 5 year business and financial plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and working capital requirements.