Process Improvement

Business Strategy to Achieve Process Improvement and Accelerate Growth for an Infant Apparel Brand

About the Client

A key player in the infant apparel category was looking to reassess and redesign its strategic vision as well as identify and address gaps in its existing business setup to achieve its new strategic objectives.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to create a ‘Retool & Accelerate’ strategic roadmap, answering the following strategic questions:

  1. How has the current brand strategy fared? Should there be any change in the target customer or the current channel strategy?
  2. What should be the business target for the next five years and accordingly, the appropriate brand positioning?
  3. What are the existing business process gaps and accordingly realign processes in line with the new strategic vision?
  1. Detailed as-is-analysis of existing business to understand:
    • Rationale behind existing strategy and how has it fared?
    • What are the key positive and negative elements of the current strategy? Can it be bettered with a few changes
    • Analyzed and identified gaps in the existing business processes
  2. Revamp and expansion strategy:
    • Category and product mix
    • Pricing strategy
    • Distribution and sourcing strategy
    • Brand positioning and marketing and branding activities
    • Detailed roll out plan
  3. Developed a business plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and profitability projections
  4. Offered recommendations basis identification of existing process gaps covering – Sourcing; Inventory stocking / Warehousing; IT; Service delivery, Monitoring, etc.