Soft Skills and Technical Training Program for Supervisors and Line Managers

About the Client

A leading Indian garment exporter engaged Wazir to impart soft skills and technical training to supervisors and line managers for management skill up gradation, improving problem solving capacities and enhancing competitiveness in the production floor.

Project Objectives

Core objective of the project was to train existing supervisors and line managers in the factory to excel in their lines and improve the communication between the team. The following process was adopted to execute the assignment:

  1. Need assessment study of the supervisors and liner managers
  2. Development of training content and exercises in line with the requirements
  3. Imparting training on soft skills covering:
    • Team spirit
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Conflict management
    • Stress management
    • Creative and strategic thinking
    • Behavioral traits such as positive attitude, body language, motivation and time management
  4. Imparting training on technical skills covering:
    • Production planning
    • Efficiency planning
    • Industrial engineering
  1. We trained about 100 supervisors and line managers in the factory.
  2. Client management found the training to be extremely effective as they noticed an improved behavior and team spirit. Also, all the supervisors improved the line output by 5-20 pcs within a day and committed themselves to continue the improvement drive.
  3. Program feedback indicated that recipients found the program to be business changing and promised to impart the learning in personal life as well.