Market Entry Strategy

New Product and Market Opportunity Analysis for an Indian Non Woven Manufacturer


The client is one of the non-woven and technical textiles manufacturer in India. They wanted assistance in exploring new product possibilities for their existing manufacturing set-up and market opportunity in them.

Project Objectives

The objective of this assignment was technical assessment of new product options followed by market assessment of identified product. The objective was accomplished covering the following:

  1. Technical assessment of existing manufacturing set-up
  2. Identification of new product categories, considering the scope and flexibility in their existing setup
  3. Market opportunity analysis of identified product categories
  4. Growth drivers and impediments for each of these products
What We Delivered
  1. Recommended the possible products that the client can enter into based on their manufacturing capacities
  2. Provided a detailed analysis of the identified products on following aspects:
    • Current and projected market size
    • Demand-supply gaps
    • Price points & completion mapping
    • Global and domestic market growth trends
  3. Formulated business strategy covering:
    • Target product categories and their buyers
    • Potential markets
    • Market entry channels
  4. Proposed a 5 year roadmap plan for strategy implementation covering operating expenses, and investment requirements

Indian Market Assessment of Synthetic Leather


A Mumbai based privately-held company, intended to venture into synthetic leather segment. They wanted to understand the potential market opportunity of these products in India.

Project Objectives

The key objective of this assignment was to conduct assessment of domestic market for synthetic leather. To conclude this, the following key strategic questions were answered:

  1. What are the various product applications of synthetic leather?
  2. What is the current and projected market size of each of the identified products?
  3. What is the domestic market demand supply scenario?
  4. What is the import trend of synthetic leather products in India?
  5. What are the growth drivers and impediments for each of the applications?
What We Delivered
  1. Provided detailed analysis of the Indian market for synthetic leather including:
    • Industry overview covering:
      • Current and projected market size
      • Demand-supply gaps
    • Comparison of Indian markets with global markets to project trends and growth patterns
    • Mapping major competitors on business models, price positioning, product offering, market penetration & business performance
  2. Formulated business strategy covering:
    • Target consumers
    • Product and recommended channels
    • Roll out and expansion plan
  3. Developed a business and financial plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and working capital requirements

Assistance in Identifying Products for Polyester Based Textile Manufacturing Business in India


The client is one of the leading home textile manufacturers globally and the largest home textile company in Asia. As part of their business growth strategy, client wanted to explore business possibilities in polyester based textiles manufacturing in India. For this purpose, Wazir Advisors offered its assistance in identifying the business opportunity.

Project Objectives

The key objectives of this assignment were the following:

  1. To identify suitable business opportunities for investing in polyester based textile manufacturing in India. To conclude this following key questions were answered:
    • What is the export and domestic market demand of Polyester based textiles?
    • Which are the attractive product categories in terms of market size and future growth potential?
    • Which are the most suitable categories in line with the client’s current manufacturing setup?
    • How much additional investment is required, if any?
  2. To developing business model covering product mix, target market / customers, partnership requirements, optimum capacities etc.
What We Delivered
  1. Detailed report on market analysis and recommendations for selection of attractive polyester based fabric categories for manufacturing in India with focus on both domestic and export markets
  2. Provided a broad business level plan for selected product category