Organizational Structure and Design Implementation

About the Client

Most of the Successful companies evolve their organizational structures based on their strategies. For this, clientengagedWazir in order toshift from a functional, monolithic organizational form to a more loosely coupled multidivisional structure in order to address the challenges of growth and diversification.

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects:

Project Objectives

Core objectives of the study was to specify strategic requirements that the operating model must support covering the following design principles:

  1. Six key elementsare Work Specialization, Departmentalization, chain of command, span of control, centralization and decentralization, formalization.
  2. To overcome the challenges which companies Face today like working environment which is rapidly changing.
  3. Organisations exist to do the following:
    • Bring together resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes.
    • Produces goods and services efficiently.
    • Facilitate Innovation.
    • Use Modern manufacturing and information technologies.
  4. Formation of Matrix Structure so that conflicts are minimal, and those requiring hierarchical referral are more easily resolved.
  5. Better balance between time, cost & performance.
  6. Implementation of strategic business units(SBUs), which is a customer focused organizational structure.
  1. We delivered the organizational Structure study report covering the stated objectives.
  2. Targeting the Business Strategy, Wazir helped the Companies to adapt continuously with the pace which is faster/equal to the speed of the changes in the world.
  3. We submitted a comprehensive study report covering:
    • Advantages & disadvantages of six elements keys.
    • The assignment of each grouping to a manager with the Authority (delegation) necessary to supervise it.
    • Company organograms with Positions and It’s minimum qualification requirement
    • Standard job descriptions with Key performance Indicators