Qco-quick Changeover Implementation

About the Client

Major Player in fashion Garment industry was looking for its improvement of sewing section performance in terms of overall average efficiency , In Which frequent Style Change Over are very common due short runs of their Orders, for this client engaged Wazir. Wazir started implementing a one of it’s game changing modules, QCO –Quick Changeover module.Principal of Quick Changeover is based on lean theory of SMED: Stands for Single-Minute Exchange of Die. The SMED system is a theory and set of techniques that makes possible to perform equipment setup and changeover operations in under 10 minutes – in another words, in the single-minute range. Helps factories in producing small quantities with less WASTE by making it Cost-Effective. SMED principles apply to changeovers in all types of processes. “Quick Change Over” is a method of analysing and reducing the time needed to change a process from producing one good part to producing the next good part by using a team approach

Core objective of the study was to devise a corporate strategy for the client covering the following aspects regarding business performance enhancements,

Project Objectives

Core objectives of the study was to specify strategic requirements that the operating model must support covering the following design principles:

  1. QCO is the process of setting up A production line for A different garment styles .Many factories take hours or even days to do a changeover to a new style. Many factories are losing around 20% of sewing floor efficiency due improper changeover process set ups. Also in value it is around Rs 30 lakhs/ Month for a factory of 500 machines working per day .It is considered as a major-barrier to manufacturing flexibility.
  2. Today’s highly competitive fashion world is moving towards short run in shortest lead time in a lowest possible price. Any Garment Manufacture Want to Be Competitive In today’s Fashion Wear market, In Which Change over Is More Due To Short Runs, Wazir Focus On implementing Quick Change Over module – QCO. QCO module is a highly effective customize module from Wazir based on today’s factory working environment and also market situation.
  1. We delivered the Business performance enhancement report covering the stated objectives.
  2. We submitted a Business performance enhancementstudy report covering:
    • Changeover Minutes Loss – Losses has been identified by calculating changeover loss minutes in terms of Run down loss, Set Up Loss & Run Up loss
  3. By implementing QCO module effectively in the factories , the following are some of direct results
  4. Minimum Efficiency increase of 5% , As average sewing floor efficiency
  5. Reduction of value waste by 2% by reducing initial process set up rejects
  6. Reduction of Sewing process lead time by 10%
    • Over all in value, It will be around Rs 15,00,000 / Month in a factory of 500 machines , With minimum 2 changeovers per line.