Reboot- Business Performance Improvement

Developing Strategic Roadmap and Implementation Plan for a Leading Solar Lighting Brand

About the client

The client, a multinational social enterprise that provides solar-powered products, wanted to strengthen its business in Indian market.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to propose a business strategy for creating large and sustainable business, answering the following key strategic questions:

  1. What is the current market structure and segmentation for solar products market?
  2. How is the market evolving in terms of size, product categories, price points, penetration of brands, channels etc.?
  3. What are the consumer and trade trends that are shaping the market? Who is the core consumer of solar products?
  4. What are the various channels to target solar product consumers? What should be specific strategies and trade terms for each channel?
  5. What would be the most effective and efficient brand building strategy, while optimizing budgets to ensure that the brand is well perceived by the consumers and channel partners?
  1. Provided detailed analysis of solar products market in terms of the following:
    • Product Spectrum: products across each segment and subsequent needs addressed and presence of branded products
    • Market Size Projections: market size estimations by consumer segments and product segments
    • Price Spectrum Across Product Segments: price range, most selling price and subsequent technical specifications and leading brands
    • Value Chain Across Product Segments: trade terms for leading brands
    • Consumer Analysis: difference between solar products user and non-user in terms of income, expenditure, education, electrical appliances ownership and lighting sources usage and buying preferences
  2. Formulated business strategy in terms of the following:
    • Recommended brand’s positioning and brand appeal with respect to target consumer segment.
    • Product Offerings for different consumer segments.
    • Provided channel and distribution strategy which included target geographies, channel structure, distribution structure and type of institutions to partner with for accelerated growth.
    • Detailed roll-out plan highlighting pace of roll-out, cities for expansion, and number of outlets/ POS to be targeted.
    • Effective and cost efficient brand building strategies and ideal sales team structure to achieve the defined targets.
  3. Developed a 5 year business and financial plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements etc.

Reboot Strategy for a Dental Clinics Chain

About the client

One of India’s largest chain of dental clinics wanted to improve its top-line and bottom-line and reboot the brand in order to achieve faster growth over the next few years.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to recommend reboot strategy for accelerated growth, answering the following strategic questions:

  1. How has the current brand strategy fared? Is it sustainable?
  2. What should be the alterations / modifications in the existing strategy?
  3. What should be the business target for the next five years?
  4. What should be the roll out plan / expansion strategy?
  1. Detailed as-is-analysis of existing business to understand:
    • Rationale behind existing strategy and how has it fared in terms of achieving the business targets?
    • Key reasons for performance/non-performance and accordingly, what needs to be changed?
    • What are the competitive advantages of the brand and is it sustainable?
  2. An overview of the Indian dental market:
    • Current market scenario
    • Competitor profiling and benchmarking – business models, pricing, service portfolio, locations, etc.
    • Consumer research – Consumer attitude towards dental health, spending behavior, influencers, brand/format preference, etc.
  3. Formulated revamp and growth strategy based on Add / Modify / Delete framework:
    • Target consumers and share of such consumers in India
    • Appropriate brand positioning
    • Service and price offerings
    • Location and roll-out strategy
  4. Developed a business and financial plan as per the suggested strategy highlighting revenues, operating expenses, investment requirements and working capital requirements and an implementation roadmap covering:
    • Time frame for achieving key business milestones
    • Identification of capabilities required to successfully grow the business
    • Fine tuning in the organization structure as per renewed strategy