Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights on Infants & Kids Wear Market in India

About the client

A key player in the infant apparel category was looking to reassess and redesign its strategic vision as well as identify its core consumer.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to identify the core consumer and get consumer insights about the brand. Key strategic questions included:

  1. Who is the core consumer of the brand?
  2. What is the perceptions about the brand among consumers?
  3. How do consumer view and compare the brand relative to its key competitors? What is their recall for different brands and how do they rank/rate them?
  4. What are the opportunities for brand extension into adjacent categories? Can other brands in the portfolio be restored to their former strength?
  1. Detailed consumer research, which included Quantitative research covering ~500 consumers across 6 cities; 6 FGDs with ~8 respondent per FGD, ethnographic interviews with ~100 consumer, to answer the following questions:
    • Profile of consumers and their Influencers/drivers
    • Consumption pattern and buying behavior
    • Preference for a certain brand
    • Where do they buy?
    • Perceptions & ranking of brands on various parameters
    • Client brand recall and perceptions. How does it fare vis-à-vis other brands?
    • Brand extension possibilities? Awareness/ Recall about portfolio brands?

Consumer Insights on Lingerie Market in India

About the client

An intimate apparel apex body in India conducts an annual event to provide in-depth insight into the Indian intimate wear market. For this, they wanted to gain consumer insights about their preferences and overall take on lingerie market in India.

Project Objectives

Core objective was to identify “New age consumer” in Indian lingerie market through consumer insights, answering the following key questions:

  1. Who is the new age consumer? What is the segmentation of these consumers in terms of age, work profile, income, etc.?
  2. What are their fashion orientation for lingerie?
  3. What are the price sweet spots for different lingerie products?
  1. In-depth market focused pan India consumer study was conducted for women aged 16-45 year of age. Based upon insights from the research following data was presented-
    • Demographic and psychographic profile of the consumers
    • Complete wardrobe analysis of the target group
    • Fashion orientation about lingerie
    • Brand preference for different lingerie categories
    • Replacement cycle
    • Price sweet spots