International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles – Okhla Garment and Textile Cluster (OGTC)

  1. OGTC organizes an annual event “International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles”. Like minded entrepreneurs got together and created OGTC to primarily strengthen each member by complementing each other, by identifying best practices, implementing intensive collective training and adopting out of the box approach and provide inputs as a think tank to the garment industry. OGTC, a cluster centric approach, is the first of its kind with mission excellence as its motto.
  2. International Conference on Apparel & Home Textiles is a cross-disciplinary event which targets to address certain challenges in the industry. It also aims to foster networking, collaboration and joint effort among the conference participants to advance the theory and practice as well as to identify major trends in apparel manufacturing.
  3. Wazir acts as conference consultants for this event.