Benchmarking Study

Benchmarking of Cotton Textile & Apparel Value Chain of East African Countries with Asian Countries and Assess Their Potential


Client is a trade and promotion body of Africa. Client engaged Wazir to conduct benchmarking of cotton textile and apparel value chain of East African countries and assess their potential. Wazir also supported the client in information collection and reporting by African consultants.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this assignment were following:

  1. Identify Tanzania’s comparative advantage vis-à-vis the targeted African and Asian nations
  2. Ascertaining the required steps to be taken to make Tanzania a better textile and apparel investment destination and global textile and apparel manufacturing hub
  3. Suggesting the required policy reforms and ways to attract investment across the textile and apparel sector of Tanzania
What We Delivered

Prepared a comprehensive report covering the following aspects:

  1. Economic, social (including education, literacy and health), demographic, geographic, infrastructure and development indicators
  2. Raw material scenario
  3. Manufacturing industry structure covering number of firms and their activities, production volumes, growth potential, etc.
  4. Product offering – range of garments made e.g. woven, knit
  5. Policy support being provided by Government for investment in CTA value chain
  6. Comparison of various factors including:
    • Labour cost and availability
    • Power cost and availability
    • Land and building
    • Freight
    • Law and order and corruption scenario
    • Taxation structure, including import and export
    • Social contractors and companies meeting standard norms
    • Environmental compliance capabilities including availability of water treatment at major centers and water availability
    • Preferential market access advantages